Plasticine Martian

Plasticine Martian 2.2

In the role of the Martian you'll get through many fascinating levels, collecting diamonds and merri

Plasticine Martian is an arcade game in which you are a martian who must get through different locations collecting diamonds. On your way, you will have to avoid a great variety of enemies that want to prevent you from achieving your goals. There are lots of bonuses that will help the martian get the necessary amount of diamonds and get back home. What is great about the game is that it looks like if it was made of plasticine, giving an original and impressive appearance. All the levels look different and have different platforms and enemies to avoid.

The controls are really simple. You move your character with the right and left arrow keys, jump with the up arrow key, fall faster with the down arrow key and freeze your enemies with right and left CTRL keys.

Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and attractive (as much as they can be when everything is made from plasticine). Sound effects are OK and the music is suitable, if a bit repetitive. In short, Plasticine Martian is a simple but original platform game that will surely attract many players, especially kids.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and effects
  • Original visuals
  • Lots of enemies and bonuses
  • Challenging


  • Only one mode
  • Only one difficulty level
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